Garden of the elements

In line with its origins in Taoism, the Five Elements theory is based on the observation of natural phenomena. The sum of all elements describes the dynamic interactions of natural transformation processes of becoming, changing and passing away. In both our hotel and the new garden we place special emphasis on this form of closeness with the elements.

Stone, assigned to the earth element, combined with wood and paired with glass transparency: those are our hotel’s visual highlights. Rocks and stones are abundantly present in our garden, too, symbolizing both stability and change. Being grounded means feeling a sense of stability and inner strength. Finding hold and security within oneself is perceived as deeply comforting. So, out into the garden and feel the earth, the rock and the stones to help you coming a bit closer to your true self and your inner balance ...

Note: Safety is also ensured for our guests’ vehicles. We have digged deep underground to build a parking facility with 40 additional parking spaces.

Water can be found in abundance at Turracherhöhe, whether in the form of snow for the perfect winter sport day, in the crystal clear depths of Lake Turracher See, in the feel-good and spa realms of our hotel or in the comfy water beds available in the relaxation rooms. In front of the hotel, guests encounter the element water in our water feature. Vigorously and inexorably it gushes out from the rock before softly framing the organic pond arrangement. Power and vibrancy continuously encounter inner peace ... What more could you hope for?

Hotel Kornock – for holidays to immerse and revive! Let the fresh air remind you to take a deep breath on your hikes through the Nockberge Mountains, while lingering in the covered outdoor area or on the new sun terrace surrounded by the garden of the elements in front of the hotel.

The presence of the fire can be felt in the welcoming warmth of the hosts, seen in the open fireplaces at the reception and in the lobby and, needless to say, in the restaurant where guests experience culinary variety and fine wines. With orange-yellow flames flickering around the edges, the fire bowl placed in front of the hotel exudes inspiring vitality: movement and warmth in archaic form activate our vital energy.

You might wonder where the metal went. Of course, we have also taken this aspect into account. Rudi’s Harley-Davidson Custom Bike has been displayed outside the hotel’s front door since summer 2020 as an expression of his fervent passion for anything with two wheels and a strong engine. Our guests too, make a significant contribution to the metal element. Hotel Kornock welcomes bikers, vintage car lovers as well as convertible enthusiasts, providing the perfect base for memorable tours. A cheer for the mean machines ...

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